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Virtue Realty Inc: Your Foundation of Trust

Virtue Realty Inc London ON

London, meet your newest brokerage: Virtue Realty Inc.

Virtue Realty Inc Brokerage downtown London
The paint may still be fresh on the walls of her new space, but Heather Virtue is far from a ‘newbie’ when it comes to real estate. After purchasing her first home nine years ago, she realised that this was the career for her – helping others discover the same emotional attachment in finding the right home for them. Studying while working sales and service jobs, she’s now spent the past five years devoting all of her time building a solid foundation of knowledge and genuine customer excellence. The hard work has paid off and at just the right time, too.

“I opened Virtue Realty Inc. Brokerage June 1st after contemplating for a while about the right time to do it. There is never a right time. I kept asking myself “what am I waiting for?” The time is now. I like to have full control of every business aspect and decision that I make. It is a good feeling to be the Broker of Record of Virtue Realty Inc. Brokerage.

I look forward every day to the unscheduled and unknown this business brings, and am always up for a new challenge and meeting new clients. My future looks great to me. As long as I take risks, I believe that my business will always be moving forward in a positive direction, and will never look back.”

Heather Virtue Broker of Record

Originally from Woodstock, ON, Heather’s hard-working and professional, with a firm belief that the answer to any problem is chocolate. She’s also easy going with a great sense of humour:

“One of my very first clients I helped purchase a home for always remind me of a funny situation I shared with them: I was holding the ladder for the home inspector who was looking up into the attic of the home they conditionally bought. There were hard, black chunks falling down from the attic so I picked them up, trying to keep the carpet clean below. Come to find out the hard, black chunks were raccoon poop! After my clients moved into their first home they gave me a piece of plastic poop and a card thanking me for my help, and inside it read: “You are the sh*t. You don’t let sh*t get in the way of any sale!”

So, if you’re in the market to buy a new home or sell your old one, I definitely recommend you give Heather a call at 519.614.9688 or email her at


(and watch out for those raccoons …)


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