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Headshots Plus

Often your first point of contact with new clients and potential partners, your headshot represents your brand’s priority: yourself. The right headshot should convey your personality, motivate communication and inspire confidence. Basic cell phone selfies and poorly shot portraits won’t cut it in the business world, you need the right image, right now. Signage, pamphlets, internal reports, business cards, social media – put your best side forward with a high quality headshot. It’s more than just your money you’re investing, it’s your reputation. In studio, in the office or at a location of your preference, choose the setting that works best for your style.

Still need to be sold on updating your headshot with a professional photographer? Read this article in Forbes.

Remember: you only have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression. Make those seconds count with the right headshot.

Executive Portraits
More than ‘just a headshot’, executive (business) portraits are a cut above. With an air of sophistication, the executive portrait is a stand-out photograph telling the story of you, the successful business personality. This is where you show your savvy, your acumen, your commitment to your profession in one great picture or a full series of them. As with individuals, your entire business team can benefit from a quality group portrait. With a little touch of drama, a good fashion-forward portrait of you and your team can be a bonding experience that adds a dose of confidence.

Editorial and Promotion
Magazine features, billboards, advertising campaigns, dust jackets… the possibilities are unlimited. Everywhere you need to get your message out to the public and your peers, you should be right there with it. Who can sell your product, promote your service or inspire consumer confidence better than you can? People find businesses to meet their needs but it’s you that they need to trust before they’ll commit to working with them. It simply wouldn’t do to have your image out front of your business having you look anything but your very best.

Before selecting a photographer, whether for heashots or any other photography you need, always do your research. It’s your investment, so make it a wise one.


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