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Family Portraits | London Photographer

“Jay is a true professional and his positive attitude and humour make the shoot itself a fun experience. And then, when you see the images, you want to show them off to everyone you know! I really love the fact that he has so many ideas and is so well prepared. He takes the time to get to know you and puts you – literally – in the best light. I’m thrilled with the photos and recommend Jay Terry without reservation. You won’t regret it!”
~ Lisa Brandt in London, ON
“Thank you so much Jay for making this wonderful portrait of me. Your vision before you click the shutter is extraordinary. When you first described to me what you wanted to do, your thoughts already made the image in my mind also. Your technique in handling the lighting and composition were something I never would have thought of. Thanks for the welcome lesson.”
~ Darton Drake in Chicago, IL
“After receiving some more great feedback from my Venture Cover photos, I just wanted to send out a big thank you for creating pictures that were better than I could have envisioned myself. I know I am not an easy subject to work with, I am a perfectionist, I have high-expectations, and I am also very nervous in front of the camera. You have a way with your subjects to make them feel welcome and instantly at ease (even when perched on the rooftop of one of the highest buildings in downtown with a severe fear of heights). I couldn’t believe the back work you took to set up each photo. I’ve had dozens of photoshoots in my lifetime, but I can’t think of anyone that took the time to lug around suitcases of equipment, calculating every precise detail when it comes to lighting. The photos looked instantly amazing in the camera. I’m told that’s the sign of a great photographer! As well, because I was so impressed with your work, we hired you to take on a project for Farhi Holdings Corp and the Idlewyld Inn & Spa . Photos which are now blown-up and displayed prominently in our lobbies. You gave us what we didn’t know we wanted, photographic-art. Thank you again for your service!”
~ Cammileah Beth in London, ON

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