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London Photog Wins Portrait and Pictorial Classes In Ontario Competition

2019 ON Regional Salon Results

Some days, you just wake up and good things happen…

And that’s exactly how Monday of last week went for me. I woke up just like any other Monday but found a surprise waiting for me in my inbox: the images I’d entered in the PPOC-ON Regional Image Salon had finished with some measure of flair. I was awarded best in class for “Fresh Is The Morning Dew” in the Pictorial – Floral class (a first in that class for me) and “The Darkness And I” took both best in class for the Portrait class and a Judge’s Choice.

Yay, me!

Fresh is the Morning Dew | Best in Class Floral-Pictorial

I recently wrote about the background details of Fresh Is The Morning Dew, so I’ll let that one tell its own story…

Portrait Class Winning Image

By contrast, The Darkness and I was inspired by a thought I had one day about the blind having a very different relationship with the dark than the sighted would have.

Without wanting to presume what the experience would be like living in utter darkness or the difference between being born to it and having it eventually replace a person’s sight, I wanted to create a portrait of someone who perhaps was simply accepting of having darkness as their permanent companion.

My friend and makeup artist, Sessily, posed for this particular image and she did a bang up job conveying exactly what I was hoping to see. To my eye, she’s neither afraid of that inky void nor entirely secure living in the absence of light.

I have no clue who the judge was who thought it was their favourite image in the show but I’m certainly glad they did.

There was one other entry I had submitted that I wanted to mention…

A couple of years ago, my friends Val and Blair brought their pet sugar gliders over for me to photograph and I thought it would be a cute idea to get them – the sugar gliders, not Val and Blaire – cuddling in my late great-grandmother’s candy dish. After some fiddling (alright, a hell of a lot of fiddling), I managed to get them at just the right moment to create what would eventually be titled Gimme Some Sugar, Baby.

It received a score of merit in the Animal class.

Animal Merit Photograph

Anyhoo, enough jibber jabber from me. The official details are as follows:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2019 Professional Photographers of Canada – Ontario

Annual Provincial Image Competition
November 25, 2019
Milton, Ontario

At the Annual Awards Banquet of the Professional Photographers of Canada – Ontario (PPOC-ON), held in Milton, Ontario, on November 24, 2019

Jay Terry MPA , a professional photographer from London, ON, had 3 images accepted and exhibited in the Provincial Image Salon.

Jay’s image ‘Fresh Is The Morning Dew’ in the Pictorial – Floral class, and his image ‘The Darkness And I’ in the Portrait class, both won the prestigious Best in Class award at the Professional photographers of Canada Ontario Region’s 2019 annual competition.

PPOC-ON is a voluntary organisation and along with six other constituent member associations, was a founding member and is affiliated with the national body – the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).

Each member has made a full-time commitment to the profession. Simply by being a member, they have demonstrated their desire to remain on the leading edge of professional image-making in today’s rapidly changing world. Through monthly meetings, provincial and national conventions and networking with both trade associates and their fellow professionals, our members are continually honing their craft to bring their clients the best that professional imaging has to offer.

The purpose and mandate of PPOC-ON is to provide an educational, business, and creative environment for professional photographers with the purpose of promoting the highest standard of personal, professional and creative excellence within the craft.

The association will seek to safeguard and promote the interests of the membership and to promote and maintain a code of conduct and code of ethics to which its members are expected to comply.

PPOC-ON is committed to the excellence of technical knowledge, enhancing professional standards throughout the profession, and improving the quality of the profession for persons engaged in the vocation of photography by having its members adhere to the standards of the Association.

This year’s competition received professional entries from all over Ontario as well as other parts of Canada. Judging took place in Gatineau, Québec by a selected panel of qualified Master Photographers.

PPOC-ON wish the recipient and their sponsors continued success.


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