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The Lady of the Lolilocks Shoppe

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Chun Zi Lolilocks Shoppe

Have you ever met someone who grabs your attention from the moment you first see them? Someone whose style and bearing is undeniably un-ignorable? I have.

Her name is  Chun Zi and she’s the driving force behind London’s own Lolilocks Shoppe.

I was first introduced to Zi through two mutual acquaintances – the very talented alternative models-creatives-photographers Briar Rose and Lor Madness. Although we didn’t officially meet until the day that she stepped into my studio, we had been aware of each other, and each others’ work, for some time. I had photographed her product and she had seen those images, but our paths hadn’t crossed in person until just a few weeks ago.

The Lolilocks Shoppe is Chun Zi’s synthetic dread business, specialising in custom dreads, falls and wigs. The quality is top shelf and Zi’s attention to detail is second-to-none. As the old commercial saying goes ‘she’s also a client’. Her reasons for starting her own business are, in her own words, “I am an entrepreneur at heart which has inspired my initial start-up business, The Lolilocks Shoppe. This shop supports two things that I love deeply: when someone strives to create an accessory unique to them and being the person who can help someone else feel empowered by something as simple as synthetic dreads.”

Chun Zi Lolilocks Shoppe

And she’s not stopping there. With a desire to find her own version of happiness and live life her own way, she’s exploring new avenues and outlets for her creativity. Continuing down the entrepreneurial path, she’s looking at an accessory (and possibly clothing) business fusing French  romantic elegance with Japanese-inspired playfulness, sometime in the very near future.

Always true to her quirky and bubbly self, she has these words of advice: “There is nothing worse than passing up opportunities, whether you live just this one life or if you will live many after this one. In this moment right now, you exist and you have the choice between being you to the fullest and attempting to be something else. Always appreciate the person you are and appreciate the star dust particles you’re made up of. If you can do that, you can do anything.”

She’s smart, she’s driven and she’s as individual as they come. She’s also a natural in front of the camera, sporting the custom products that she pours her heart and soul into. Well worth paying attention to, check out her own fan page on Facebook – Chun Zi.


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