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The Guy Behind the Lens

Wildlife Photography | Mallard Duck

As a photographer, I’m usually talking about what I see on the business end of my lens. For a change of pace, here’s a look from the other side, behind the lens, with 25 things you didn’t know about me:


  1. I was born at 3 minutes to midnight. That might explain why I’m always up late.
  2. My favourite colour is blue.
  3. My least favourite colour is red.
  4. I’ve taken lessons for guitar, keyboard and trumpet, none of which did I play well.
  5. In 1991, I moved to London. I’m still trying to figure out why but it’s worked out well, so far.
  6. Out of the 6 Caribbean islands I’ve been to, Dominica is my favourite … by far. It’s just like King Kong’s Skull Island (but without all the giant monsters).
  7. I shave my head because I could never find a style I was happy with.
  8. My hair used to be long, halfway-down-my-back long. I wasn’t happy with it.
  9. My first apartment came with 4 roommates – all wonderful ladies. The toilet seat is never left up. Ever.
  10. The reason I didn’t go into the military when I was 18 is that I moved into my first apartment.
  11. I don’t believe in hunting or fishing unless it’s out of necessity. Hurting other living things for sport isn’t sport, it’s cruelty.
  12. My favourite author is Tolkien, but he’s losing ground to Nietzsche.
  13. My favourite music is metal. I haven’t found anything yet with the same energy.
  14. My love language is food. I suppose that means I eat my feelings or some such pop psych 101 stuff…
  15. I’m not fond of Brussels sprouts. By “not fond of” I mean that I’d rather eat dirt.
  16. I’m even less fond of the idea of someone operating on my eyeballs.
  17. My favourite animal is the cat – wild or domestic.
  18. My favourite creature of legend is the dragon – there are no domestic dragons.
  19. Under the Chinese zodiac, I’m the boar or pig. Handy when I’m in the mood for truffles.
  20. I’m a big fan of boats and everything boating. I’m absolutely fascinated with water.
  21. I have one fear: deep water.
  22. My favourite vacations are on cruise ships. Go figure.
  23. I’m not fond of wearing glasses.
  24. Regardless of how busy I seem to be, I can always find time for a nap.
  25. Originally, I set out to photograph wildlife, not people. Funny how things change, eh?



Wildlife Photography | Mallard Duck


4 thoughts on “The Guy Behind the Lens”

  1. Wow… very interesting! But I really think you should support #8 with pictures, because it is totally incomprehensible! 🙂

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