The Blue Moose | Graphic Design

The Blue Moose | Graphic Design

When I first set out to redesign my company logo, I knew that I would have to secure the help of a professional graphic designer to put the finishing touches on it. After all, every serious business on the market today has their branding professionally designed for maximum impact (and, let’s be honest, image does count in business). As fate would have it, I wouldn’t have to look very far to find just the right person. She ended up sitting at the same table as the group I was with while attending a Kelby seminar in Toronto last November.

Erin Dyni | Blue Moose Graphic DesignEnter Erin Dyni of Blue Moose Graphic Design.

A native of Sault Ste. Marie, Erin graduated from the three-year graphic design program at Sault College before moving to Cambridge. There, she works with a studio serving a variety of corporate clients across many different industries. Her own business, Blue Moose, provides custom wedding invitation and event stationery design, the most popular being invitations and RSVP cards. Her designs are custom creations that allow each couple to showcase something of their personalities with their weddings. She also produces save-the-dates, stag and doe tickets, seating charts, menus and wine labels.

So, where did “Blue Moose” come from? In her words:

Blue Moose… I’ve had the name floating around for so long I’m not entirely sure where it originally came from. It stuck as it certainly has roots in my northern hometown, paying tribute to the wildlife and beauty of Lake Superior that I grew up with. Like tracks left by real moose, Blue Moose Graphic Design hopes to leave lasting impressions with our clients and their guests by providing one-of-a-kind designs. Graphic Design is not just about “making something pretty”. Design should serve a function, and making sure that function is presented in a pleasing and effective way is the challenge that captured me.

As Erin is used to managing her clients from across Southwestern Ontario, her consultations are often online. “One challenge with Blue Moose is that almost none of the brides have lived in the same city as myself. Several weddings have taken place in Sault Ste. Marie, one in Kingston, one in Cambridge, and an upcoming ceremony will be in the Sarnia area. Consultations don’t always happen in person but, with email and tools like Pinterest, we manage to have a conversation and collaborate to create a design the bride and groom are happy with.

If you would like to talk to Erin about using Blue Moose for your next wedding or event, you can reach her at or find her on Facebook and Pinterest.


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  1. Erin designed my wedding stationary from invitations to menus with one cohesive look! They were AMAZING! I recommend her to all my friends and family.

    1. Glad to hear you had a good experience with her, Krysta. She certainly knows her stuff. 🙂

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