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Take Your Photography To The Next Level

In every industry, one of the key characteristics that distinguishes the ‘Pros from the Joes’ is the professional’s level of commitment to education. This is especially true with photographers. Their growth, both as craftsmen and for business development, shows a desire to improve themselves, thus enabling them to deliver a superior product and customer experience to their clients.

One great way to do that is with NSI.


Each year in August, the Niagara School of Imaging at Brock University in St. Catherines, ON, is host to some of the best photography instruction available. Designed for working photographers, regardless of experience level, NSI follows instructor guidelines that few other programs can claim. The criteria that each approved instructor must meet are:

  • a proven track record as a successful business person,
  • a proven track record of image excellence,
  • active and on the leading edge of current trends and business practices,
  • have earned degrees/awards and accolades from their professional associations,
  • are dedicated to sharing their experience and knowledge, and,
  • have received first class evaluations from former registrants.

I attended NSI last year and had the time of my life. More importantly, I immediately saw a dramatic, positive change in my work. Judging by this year’s lineup of instructors, I foresee the same thing, to say the least:

Andre Amyot
Cindy Burgess
Danny and Dianne Rabalais
Darton Drake
Don Komarechka
Marilyn Sholin
Michael Willems
Rob Corrado

Also, beginning this year, NSI is offering a new feature: two-for-one courses. With this option, you can choose two of the featured instructors for a half-week course from each. As a ‘mix & match’, attendees can customise their program. There are four great choices:

Craig Minielly
John Ratchford
Sam Sciarrino
Warne Noyce

I can’t even begin to express how exciting it is to be surrounded by this level of talent and knowledge. It’s one of the few things I can say that I look forward to for the entire year.

See you there!


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