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More Than Just A Pretty Face | Creative Headshots In London, ON

The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.” ~ St. Jerome

Headshots of the past were a necessary evil when it came to creating a business image. Often stiff, formulaic and uninspired, they were more like mug shots or marble busts – just a face. Now, we have grown enough as a society to break the ‘better business’ rules and create engaging, individualised (and often fun) business portraits.

When Angie, a psychic medium and certified hypnotherapist in London, contacted me for her session, I was intrigued. Looking to update her website with images that portrayed all the facets of her personality and profession, without the cliché “mysticism”, left some room for interpretation. Working together, we came up with just the right direction. Strong, self-aware, true to herself and one with the world around her. Exactly Angie.

Outdoor Business Portrait | Jay Terry Photography

Of course, she agreed to my particular brand of crazy by meeting me at our chosen location just before sunrise (otherwise known as getting up at “the crack of stupid”). Our luck was on point and there was a wonderful morning fog over the pond. It was absolutely perfect to create the mood and setting for Angie’s custom images. The standard studio set up just wouldn’t have allowed us to capture the same vibe. We ventured and we gained.

Professional Headshots |London and Area | Jay Terry Photography

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