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London Photographer Wins Top Conceptual Illustration Award At National Exhibition

Best Cosplay Portraits London Niagara Falls and Toronto
Best in Class | Conceptual Illustration | A Dangerous Hood

They say you ‘always remember your first’.

I get that – my first car, my first job, my first Five Guys burger (I think I just drooled on my keyboard thinking about it …).

Well, this one is a first I’m definitely going to remember. At the national image salon this year, the Conceptual Illustration class made its debut and I’m happy to report that I took Best in Class for it, as well as a Judge’s Choice and a spot in the Loan Collection with my image “A Dangerous Hood“! I’d always wanted to do my version of (Little) Red Riding Hood – as a fierce warrior who took the fight to the big bad wolves, rather than needing to be rescued by the woodcutter – and the Conceptual Illustration class was the perfect fit:

“Images in this category are conceptual in nature.  They illustrate a story, theme or subject by using the elements of the original image and adding your creative interpretation to build your own concept.  As carefully constructed photographic scenes, they can depict visual narratives, events or abstract concepts.  The entrant is responsible for all elements of the “post-image” production with the obvious strength of the composition based on what is created from those photographs and with the image still recognizable as a photograph following normal conventions of light, shading, perspective etc.”

Big thanks have to go out to both Anastacia, who braved the Meadowlilly Woods on a chilly March morning dressed to kill (if not for warmth), and Brad, who mastered the art of flipping red silk into the breeze … over … and over … and over again. As always, Amanda’s love and support drives me on. In a way, she was there when this was shot: those are her boots – kicking ass, as usual.

The formal deets:

For Immediate Release

April 18, 2016 – London, Ontario photographer Jay Terry MPA has had 3 of his images selected for inclusion in a national exhibition.

Jay’s image ‘A Dangerous Hood’ in the Conceptual Illustration Class, won the prestigious Best in Class award, a Judge’s Choice Ribbon, and has also been selected for inclusion in the Professional Photographers of Canada’s 2016 Loan Collection; a national exhibition celebrating the best of Canadian professional photography. His image ‘Mirror of her Dreams’ was also chosen for inclusion in the 2016 Loan Collection.

A panel of master photographers judged the best works submitted by professional photographers from across Canada and only accepted outstanding images into the 2016 National Image Salon of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). The salon was exhibited this week during the Canadian Imaging Conference, the annual conference of the PPOC held this year in Calgary, Alberta.

In addition to demonstrating the makers’ ability to make outstanding images for their clientele, inclusion into the salon earns the maker merits toward several designations offered to PPOC members, including the prestigious Craftsman of Photographic Arts and Master of Photographic Arts. The competition features entries from across Canada in 20 different classes, including press, portrait, architecture and fashion.

“Photographers must show extraordinary talent to win an award among such illustrious company,” said Kent Wong, Chair of the National Exhibition Committee. “We were thrilled to see so many inspiring entries in the competition this year. The salon images clearly demonstrate the exceptional skill and quality that professionals bring to the medium of photography.”

Note for Editors:
For more information please call
Tanya Thompson,
PPOC Executive Director:
(519) 537-­‐2555
or email her at:

To arrange an interview with the photographer, please contact:
Jay Terry MPA


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