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Inspired by Madness

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

Lor Madness, that is.

It took the better part of a year and much back-and-forth, but I finally got the opportunity to shoot fellow photographer Lorah Beth, aka. Lor Madness, aka. Dark Enchantress. Hailing from Wallaceburg, ON, Lorah’s a photographer, model, artist, visionary, Buddhist and lover of all things furry (just ask my boys).

She came armed with a great wardrobe, mad posing skills, an open mind and the desire to climb anything to get ‘the shot’.  All-in-all, everything this photographer needed to create the images he had in mind.

Looking for a specific location along the train yards in east London, we came across a massive wall built from equally massive concrete blocks. Being the trooper she is, Lorah hopped right on top of them for some shots. This one, now titled “The Huntress”, is by far our favourite of the set. Her body language is that of a predatory animal and her dark style works well with the industrial setting.

Dark Beauty | Goth Model

I thought it would be hard to equal that shot but Lorah proved me wrong when we hit the tracks. With Amanda on the lights, providing her usual brand of ego-boosting support and directional input, we grabbed some, in my humble opinion, fantastic images of Lorah just being Lorah – all the while dodging the track employee who was working nearby. Even though we were in a reasonably isolated area, someone pulled up in a white van and stopped for a few minutes. When Lorah waved and yelled “Hi!” to him, he simply let us know that he was just there to watch. We collectively looked at each other, laughed and kept right on shooting.

To view Lorah’s photography and more of her modelling, check out her Facebook fan pages.

Well worth a visit.

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