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High Honours in the PPOC National Loan Collection

PPOC National Loan Collection 2013 | The Last To Go

There’s winning and then there’s being honoured. The two are often interchanged although they can mean very different things.

Such is the case with the National Loan Collection.

For decades, the Professional Photographers of Canada has hosted their national salon, which is an annual competition for professional photographers coast-to-coast. Once a print competition and now one for digital imagery, it showcases the best of the best. Through the salon, the top shooters from around the country can have their talents rewarded with best in class, judge’s choice and photographer of the year awards. From those masterfully crafted images and likewise high scoring submissions comes the loan collection: the 40 best images from around the country  that are accepted to the salon.

In the print days, the loan collection was a travelling show. Each province would ‘host’ the collection for public display as the entire set would make it’s way from BC to Newfoundland. Sadly (but in some ways gladly), the salon has evolved to a digital competition. As such, the loan collection has evolved right along with it. Those ‘top 40’ photographs from each year’s salon can now be seen any time through the PPOC’s website.

I’m proud to say that during this year’s salon, my animal portrait “Not Surprisingly, Tater’s Modelling Career Ended As Soon As It Began” was selected for inclusion in the collection. This is the sixth time I’ve been so honoured, following “A Dangerous Hood” and “Mirror of Her Dream” in 2016, “Lor Madness” in 2015, “The Last To Go” in 2013 and “Maiden Form” in 2012.

The full set to-date has been assembled here for the first time and the official details are below.


Tater the Pig | Animal Portrait | Excellence

Best Cosplay Portraits London Niagara Falls and Toronto

Mirror of Her Dreams | Loan Collection

PPOC National Loan Collection 2013 | The Last To Go

Lor Madness | Maiden Form | Loan Collection

May 1, 2017: Ottawa, Ontario – London photographer Jay Terry MPA LPPO , has had 5 images selected for inclusion in a national exhibition.

Jay’s image ‘Not Surprisingly Tater’s Modelling Career Ended As Soon As It Began’ has been selected for inclusion in the prestigious Professional Photographers of Canada’s 2017 Loan Collection; a national exhibition celebrating the best of Canadian professional photography.

A panel of master photographers judged the best works submitted by professional photographers from across Canada and only accepted outstanding images into the 2017 National Image Salon of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). The salon was exhibited this week during the International Photo Conference, the annual conference of the PPOC held this year in Ottawa, Ontario.

In addition to demonstrating the makers’ ability to make outstanding images for their clientele, inclusion into the salon earns the maker merits toward several designations offered to PPOC members, including the prestigious Craftsman of Photographic Arts and Master of Photographic Arts. The competition features entries from across Canada in 21 different classes, including press, portrait, architecture and fashion.

“Photographers must show extraordinary talent to win an award among such illustrious company,” said Charles van den Ouden MPA, Chair of the National Exhibition Committee. “We were thrilled to see so many inspiring entries in the competition this year. The salon images clearly demonstrate the exceptional skill and quality that professionals bring to the medium of photography.”

Note for Editors:
For more information please call Tanya Thompson, PPOC Executive Director
519-537-2555 or email her at: 

To arrange an interview with the photographer, please contact:
Jay Terry MPA

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