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Hanging Around The Braywick Bistro

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Two of my favourite things are food and photography (judging by my Instagram, both at the same time while I’ve got the BBQ fired up …). It’s needless to say that I was more than a little stoked when the owners of one of my favourite eateries in downtown London made me an offer: come hang some of your work on our walls.

“That’d be great” (translation: “Hell, yeah! I’ll be there yesterday!”)

Braywick Bistro | Jay Terry Photography

I first met Annisa Foley (who co-owns the Braywick Bistro with her husband Barry), last year when I was invited to lunch by my friend Angus. It was his suggestion more than a year ago that some of my work might look good hanging in their restaurant. At the time, though, they were showcasing local painters, so the idea was put on the back burner. But times, they do a-change …

The Braywick Bistro & Wicked Catering is a charming spot for lunch or dinner, located at 244 Dundas Street, right across from the Central Library. Under Annisa and Barry’s ownership since 2011, the Braywick offers casual fine dining, with regulars that sit at the bar for great wine and company – the ‘company’ often being Wendy, the lovely, piano-playing manager who greets everyone who enters with a radiant smile. Rumour has it that Barry can sometimes be seen entertaining diners with his guitar, too.

As Wendy puts it, “The dynamic is crazy, fun, relaxing and lots of laughter. Our menu will please everyone – from casual apps to share to prix fixe menu to wine tastings for those wine lovers. We specialize in corporate and private functions off and on site,  and our menu for catering is based on the needs of each and every individual”. With their chef, Steve Higgins, treating diners to the best in fusion cooking, they also offer $5 house wine Monday – Thursdays at lunch, $5 martinis all day and night, and 2-for-1 apps on Saturdays. They feature weekly specials for both lunch and dinner. Oh, and their coffee is fantastic.

I’ll have several of my favourite pieces on display as of this week, featuring “The Last To Go”, “The Rogue“, “Hard Winter’s Knight” and “Better Things To Come”. As limited edition prints (runs of 10 and only 10), the physical works at the Braywick will be available simultaneously with my new online print store (opening next week but only accessible by invitation until the first day of summer, after which time it will be open to the general public).

So, there you have it: a great place to eat, be entertained and take in this artist’s offerings.


(and tell them I sent you …) 🙂


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