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Focus and Refocus

We all have goals. Whether those goals are small or large is irrelevant. Keeping focus on those goals with the firm intent to achieve them is all that matters. Sometimes, though, we lose some of that focus – perhaps due to life’s little roadblocks, perhaps simply by taking our eye off of the prize – and the goal slips a little further away.

Unless, that is, we take a moment to readjust our focus.

That is exactly what has happened to me this year.

Focus and Refocus | Commercial and Advertising Photography

My year started off with a ‘bang’: coming off the high of 2012, I had a fantastic start with more clients and concepts than ever. Things were feeling pretty good and it felt as if I could do no wrong. In fact, everything was chugging along just fine for the first few months. Earning my Craftsman of Photographic Arts a full year ahead of the schedule I set for myself seemed to confirm my optimism.

Then I dropped the ball … big time. As the weeks went by, I put less and less thought into my creative work, opting instead for the quick and easy. It doesn’t take a genius to know that sex sells and that’s where my focus went. Rather than stick to my guns with creative, visually interesting images, I slid down the lazy slope of easy attention by shooting more T&A glamour than I had previously … ever.

The end result was poorer showings in competitions and a growing feeling of dissatisfaction with my work. Of course, I didn’t notice it right away – it took several months for me to clue in to the fact that I had let my focus drift. That focus is my driving force, my motivation. I achieve, therefore I am. Unfortunately, what I was achieving had never been on my things-to-do list and what was wasn’t being achieved.

So, for the past two months, I’ve been re-evaluating and refocusing – minimal creative shoots, full steam ahead with my clients and no frills (like writing blog posts). For someone like me, goal oriented and … well … typically focused, it was a necessary step. If the white board gets too full of scribblings and doodles, you sometimes have to simply wipe it clean and start again from the beginning.

Couples Photos | Engagementjpg

Thankfully, the one thing that hasn’t suffered through this little introspective jaunt is my commitment to my clients and their images. At least, I don’t believe it has. They are what keeps the party going, after all, and they are the last people I’d want to disappoint (especially considering that I have the best clients around. Queue rainbows, song birds and Disney music …).  Some things, as a bottom line, have to stay consistent.

So, it’s with a renewed purpose and clear vision I go heading toward the end of this year and into the next. Success may be measured in many different ways but being true to yourself is the only way to achieve it.

That … and coffee. Can’t forget the coffee.


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