A Wonderfully White Wedding | London Wedding Photographers

A Wonderfully White Wedding | London Wedding Photographers

Every wedding is special. It’s a time for celebration and love, family and the future. A young couple (young at heart counts, too!) forges a new life together with expressions of commitment, joy and unity. It’s a special day that they share with their nearest and dearest … and their photographer.

Somehow, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that this was someone’s special day and dumped so much snow on southwestern Ontario that the 401 looked more like an auto wrecking yard than a highway by lunch time. That didn’t stop anyone, though, from ‘making it to the church on time’, this church being the Elm Hurst Inn & Spa, in Ingersoll, ON – one of the loveliest venues in the area.

Elmhurst Inn | Wedding

I’d been looking forward to this particular wedding all year. Candace and Bob (Bobert since the reception) are two of the most friendly, easy-going, fun-loving people you’d ever want to meet. When we shot their engagement session on the UWO track earlier in the spring, they quickly became one of my favourite couples to work with. They smile, they laugh, they say “ok, let’s do that!” … a lot. Just my kind of people …

Westman Engagement | UWO | Photos

The wedding, itself, was a relaxed affair – everyone was in high spirits and the Elm Hurst staff really know their stuff. It felt like Christmas everywhere you went. Of course, Candace and Bob’s choice of colours had as much to do with that as the snow falling outside. If I could pick just one word to describe how the day felt, that word would have to be “joy”. Exactly what you want for a wedding day.

Wedding Day Formal Photos

Wedding Details Table Setting

So, while the blizzard raged outside, the party inside kept us all warm. Not quite as warm as one person who-shall-remain-nameless (he who mistakenly thought the horseradish was the butter and promptly applied a healthy dose to his bread before merrily chomping down on it …) but warm, nonetheless.

Here’s wishing all the best to Candace and Bob.


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