This is a model’s “book” – a collection of sample images showing his or her overall appearance, their personality and ability to ‘sell’ different styles. It is filled with the images that should immediately grab the attention of a prospective client or agent. Portfolios are about the model, not a photographer’s artistic effects, and should only contain your very best images. Emphasise quality over quantity.

► Comp Cards
Necessary for both models and actors alike, this is more than a simple series of head shots. It’s an immediate impression of your style, versatility and suitability to a client’s needs, the model and actor version of a business card. Comp cards (sometimes known as ‘zed cards’) also detail your statistics and contact information.

Fitness Portraits
Getting in shape and staying in shape take hard work, dedication and self-discipline. Setting goals is the key to achieving success and fitness portraits are an ideal way to commemorate those personal milestones and self-sacrifice.

Glamour Portraits
Everyone enjoys a night dressed up, when it feels like the bright lights and excitement of the evening are all about you. Glamour photography is the ‘feel good’ gift to yourself – when hair, make up and elegant finery come together in style with you as the star!

Before booking a session with any photographer, keep these tips in mind.


To book a modelling and fitness session, or to enquire about comp cards, please call me at 519-619-3237 or contact me online today.

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